Microwave Control Software Configuration

After you have configured and connected up the Opto22 Ethernet Brain you are ready to configure the software.

1. The first step is to get the software talking to the Opto22 Ethernet Brain.


2. Next get the software configured to get good readings from the pan/tilt heads and the signal strength indicator.

Pan/Tilt/Signal Strength Readings. Opto22 Ethernet Brain with modules showing wiring setup in rack mount drawer.
Changing the Signal Strength Colors. Signal Strength Graph Indicator.

3. Next we need to setup the parameters we need to move the pan and tilt heads.

4. Now we need to setup the interface so we can communicate to with the microwave receiver and change the pre-programmed frequencies.

Frequency and Frequency Offset parameters. Microwave receiver showing remove control cable connection.

5. Your software is now configured for operation. Be sure to hit the "Save" button on each configuration screen to save the values of what you are working on. Changing most values will have immediate effect on the program and you will be able to see if they start working almost immediately. Changing the IP Address of the Opto22 Ethernet Brain is one of the few that requires a software restart for the parameter change to take effect.


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